How to Keep Synthetic Wigs from Becoming Frizzy

Women wear synthetic wigs to enhance their appearance, since it allows them to experiment with new looks and styles notwithstanding the length, colour and texture of their natural hair. If you have bought a synthetic wig and are planning to wear it on a frequent basis to compliment your appearance, you will have to maintain it properly. The easiest way to keep your wig shiny and frizz free is to take preventive measures before or after wearing it. Brushing your wig after every use is the simplest way to keep your wig in a good condition. Regular shampooing and conditioning will also help you maintain your wig and keep it clean. The time required for maintenance of your synthetic wig will depend on its type and style.


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    Storing your wig properly is very important to keep it in good shape. Place it on a wig stand when you are not wearing it to prevent it from becoming frizzy and tangled.

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    Place your wig stand in a location that is free of dust and does not receive direct sunlight. The ideal place for a wig rack is a dark corner in your bed room or on a dresser.

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    Ensure that the wig rack is tall enough to allow the wig to hang freely.

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    Protect the wig from friction, it can also make your wig frizzy.

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    Extreme weather conditions can also damage your synthetic wig. Make sure that you wrap it with a head scarf or wear a hat when traveling in sunny, rainy or windy conditions.

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    Moisturize your wig by spraying a lightweight sheen before or after wearing it. The sheen will coat the wig fibers, preventing friction, and consequently protected the wig from becoming frizzy.

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    Heating can cause severe damage to synthetic fiber, so avoid using hair dryers, curling irons or other such devices. Use non heating rollers to maintain your wig's curls.

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    When shampooing your synthetic wig, make sure there is no residue and all chemicals are completely rinsed out of the wig before you let it dry.

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    Brush the wig regularly with a wig brush. Do not use your normal brush to detangle the wig.

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