How To Color Black Hair Ash Brown

If you have black hair and are planning on coloring it ash brown, there are certain things that you should do in order to make sure that you attain the color that you are aiming for instead of ending up with reddish hair.

I have an Asian friend who has jet-black hair and has colored it Brown many times.  What you have to remember; black hair in general and most Asian hair in particular throws red or warm tones.

In order for the color to be right,  you need to tone it after bleaching. Either go to a professional salon but if you have to do it yourself,  Bleach it then dye it.  I have listed step by step instructions below, have fun.


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    Before you start coloring your hair, you need to make sure that they are in good condition. It is best to wait a few weeks to chemically process your hair if you have recently had it straightened or permed. If you do not give your hair time to recover and start with the coloring process, you will end up dealing significant damage to your hair.

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    After you ensure that your hair is in good condition, get yourself a pre-lightener if your hair is relatively short, or buy two packages if you have long hair. Do not think that a pre-lightener is actually designed to color your hair or is identical to bleach. It is in fact used to lighten or remove any previous color that you may have used on your hair, thus leaving it free for any new color that you wish to apply.

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    Now buy a shade of ash brown for your hair. You are likely to come across various shades of ash brown hair color in the market and that too at different price range. Make your selection very carefully, as going for a cheap and wrong brand will end up hurting your hair.

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    Applying color to hair can be a messy process, which is why you should change into some old clothes. No matter how many precautions you take and how non-drip hair color products have become common in recent times, some of it is bound to drip and affect your clothes.

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    Now start using the pre-lightener on your hair to prepare it for the application of ash brown color. Be sure to cover each strand of your hair evenly, as uneven covering will result in uneven coloring later on. Read the instructions on the box of the pre-lightener to properly use the kit.

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    Wait for some time before washing/rinsing your hair. A waiting time of 45 minutes to an hour is recommended so that the color completely settles on your hair. After the waiting period expires, rinse it thoroughly.

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