How To Care for Split Ends with Natural Hair

Trichoptilosis or split ends is nowadays most common problem. It is when your hair splits or fray from the bottom. Excessive use of chemical-filled hair products, like perms and hair colouring, can be the cause of split end hair. These products damage the strip protecting layer outside the hair shaft, eventually weaken the hair and causing split ends. Heat treatments, curling irons and mechanical stress, like repeated combing and pulling comb forcefully may cause split ends.

Things Required:

– Hat
– Leave-in Conditioner Or Pomade
– Wide-toothed Comb
– Scissors


  • 1

    Minimise brushing

    You can reduce brushing your hair in order to prevent split ends.

    Also remember not to brush your hair when they are wet. If you still want to brush your wet hair then use a wide-toothed comb.

    This will minimise breakage of your hair as well.

  • 2

    Attempt for low-maintenance hair

    You should make every effort for low-maintenance hair. Avoid or minimise using hair colours, hair dryers, curling irons and perms as they all damage your hair and provoke split ends.

    In case you are using hair dryers, try to keep a distance from you and the dryer. Keep your hair almost 15 cm or 6 inches away from the hair dryer. Also keep it on cool settings when using your hair dryers.

  • 3

    Look after your hair in extreme weather conditions

    You should guard your hair in extreme weather conditions e.g. in hot weather conditions you can wear caps or hats. While in cold weather conditions, you should keep your hair moisturised and not let it dry.

  • 4

    Apply leave-in conditioner

    You should apply leave-in conditioner to make the ends of your hair strong. You can also use pomade, which is a greasy substance use to make your hair looks slick and neat, in order to prevent split ends.

  • 5

    Cut split ends which you spot

    You need to get rid of split ends which you see by simply cutting your hair. If your hair have split ends, then it will continue splitting your hair upwards towards scalp. You need to cut your hair about 1 inch above the split which you spotted.

  • 6

    Trim hair

    If there are several split ends in your hair, you need to go to barber or hair stylists to get rid of them all.

    You should trim your hair almost every one and half or two months in order to prevent split ends.

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