How To Consolidate Hair & Beauty Products

Everyone wants their things to be organized and look clean and clear. If you have lots of things scattered in your toilet, it looks like a mess. You have to get a few things like different containers or big drawers to get your stuff put in its place accordingly. This will help you out in getting your things easily without disturbing or shuffling others.


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    First check out if you have two similar things on your sink and then consolidate them. In case a little amount of hair oil or shampoo is left in a bottle and you have already bought a new one then take a funnel and pour the oil or shampoo in the new bottle and discard the old one. This will help you in limiting the amount of things on your sink or cabinets.

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    Take a transparent plastic bag and put all combs, brushes and rollers in it, so that it will not get difficult to find them when you are in rush. Place your straightener or hair dryers along with this bag in the same drawer.

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    Cotton swabs do not come with a container sometimes, so get any small chocolate box to put them in it appropriately. With this box, they will not even get dirty and remain at one place. Likewise get a container with different sections, so you can put your cosmetics in a drawer. Put your lipsticks, eye shadows, blush-on and nail colours over there and grab it easily whenever you want. Align everything properly so that you can find things by their name of brands or colours.

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    Put your toothbrush and toothpaste in a glass and arrange cleanser, toner or moisturizer together on the countertop, this will help you in cleaning the place in a few seconds.  It will not take time in grabbing each product one by one and then cleaning the countertop and placing them back at their places.

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    You can be more creative while consolidating your hair and beauty products in washroom by selecting the containers which are made of transparent glass or plastic. You can also find some beautifully painted or carved containers for arranging your stuff in it. Just remember, whatever you keep there must get easily cleaned.

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