How to Use Herbal Remedies for Hair Loss

A normal person will grow hair about 1 cm every month. However, if you fall ill, face some other problem or grow older then the hair will grow at a slower rate. Every man loses hair daily. However, losing hair at high rate can cause problems. A person may lose excessive hair due to tension, stress, illness, big surgery, medications, radiation for cancer treatments, hormone imbalance and childbirth. Most of the people who face the problem of hair loss tend to use herbal solutions. They use herbal remedies in order to prevent hair loss and bring back more hair.


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    Use horsetail

    In order to make your hair look shiny and become strong, you can apply horsetail. It not only enhances growth and strength of hair as it continues blood circulation in your scalp. Remember to use horsetail directly as it is toxin. You should avoid consuming it in tablet or ground form.  You can get horsetail as a shampoo or conditioner from your local health store.

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    Apply shampoo consisting of rosemary and sage

    You should use shampoos which contains rosemary and sage. These advance blood circulation in your scalp. In addition to this, they assist in hair growth. Alternatively you can make a solution of either or both of these ingredients with water and then apply on your hair. Add 15 drops of essential oils of rosemary or sage or both in water.

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    Use Vitamin C supplements

    In order to strengthen your hair and to make them healthier, you need to consume Vitamin C supplements. Remember that this substance is an antioxidant and in case of deficiency, you can suffer from hair loss or your hair falling rate will be increased. You can consume Vitamin C by eating citrus fruits, strawberries, green peppers and pineapples.

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    You can consume Biotin in order to reduce hair fall. Remember that Biotin is from Vitamin B and produces keratin. In addition of preventing hair loss, it lowers chances of premature greying. You can consume Biotin by eating Brewer’s yeast, egg yolk, milk and liver.

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