How to Get Rid of Static Hairs

In winter people have a lot of issues with static hair which is caused when you take of a woolen hat a scarf, sweater or a coat. The entire hairstyle gets ruined and it seems as if there was a bomb blast in your head. This electricity in hair is very annoying, due to which it is really difficult for women to maintain their great look in the dry weather. To avoid such mess immediately, which is caused due to static cling you will have to follow few techniques. Make sure that the product you use in your hair is made up of good quality ingredients.


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    This static cling is caused due to lack of humidity, so the first thing which you should do is to maintain humidity in your room or in the entire house. To do so you should have a humidifier, but if you do not have one than make use of damp towels and place them on a radiator.

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    Make a habit of applying a conditioner in your hair. No matter how many times you wash your hair with a shampoo condition them so that the natural moisturiser which your hair losses is retained with the help of a conditioner.c

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    Keep your hair brush anti static. You can do so by spraying an antistatic spray on the brush especially when you are planning to expose your hair to a heating appliance like flat irons, hair dryers.

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    If you do not have an anti static spray then you can wet your brush with warm water and shake it to remove the excess amount of water and brush it through your hair.

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