Children’s Braided Hairstyle Ideas

Children’s braided hairstyles are one of the most practical hairstyles that suite children of all ages. A braided hairstyle keeps the children’s hair tangle free and gives them a cleaner and stylish look. There are many types of braided hairstyles for children and almost all of them work perfectly to add a bit of flair to the hair. These hair styles are easy to maintain and also provide good protection against hair fall in early ages as braids make your hair scalps stronger. The types of braided hairstyles include single braid, Bali braid, piggy braids, half braid and front braid. All of these hairstyles are briefly described in the following steps.


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    Front Braid

    Front braid is a cute style that can be made with any type of hair. Take 1.5 inch segment of hair starting from one temple that follows the hairline which is opposite the ear. Now brush a major portion of your hair in a loose ponytail to move them away from the segment. Start from the scalp to plait the hair towards the curve of the head and make sure that the braid remains close to the scalp. Once you reach near the ear, secure the braid by making use of an elastic band just behind the ear. Style the rest of the hair as you wish.

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    Half Braid

    This type of braid creates a half up and half down look. Take two segments of hair by making one as a top segment and the other as a bottom segment. Leave the bottom segment flowing freely while the top segmented hair should be braided. Now plait the remaining top segment of the hair down the back, allowing them to fall over the open hair. Tie it by making use of an elastic band.

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    Piggy Braids

    Piggy braids are similar to pig tail. Segment the hair on two separate sides and a straight part should go all the way towards the middle of the children’s head. Now brush both segments of the hair. Start from the forehead and divide one half of the hair into three parts and then start plaiting. While progressing downwards, add another section of the hair into the plait strand after every turn. Once you reach to the nape of the neck, continue plaiting the hair to the end and then secure them with the help of an elastic tie.

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    Single Braid

    A single braid is a perfect hairstyle for children who go to school. Take one part of hair from the top and make two sections out of it. Start plaiting the hair and add more hair to the plait strand after each turn. Once all of the hairs have been introduced into the plait, plait the remaining hair down towards the back and then secure them by making use of an elastic band.

  • 5

    Bali Braids

    This hairstyle became trendy because of the tourists who visited Bali and on their way back, they adopted this hairstyle. This braided hairstyle is most time consuming and difficult to make. Divide the hair into sections and take 1 inch of section at a time, braid that section tightly. Repeat this step with each 1-inch section of hair until all them are made into braids.

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