How to Recognize Early Warnings of Hearing Loss

Hearing is one of the greatest gifts bestowed upon us. The importance of the ability to hear is something that we do not understand and take it for granted. However, once we lose it or it is reduced to a certain degree, we come to know how difficult things can become without it.

In order to prevent it, we must act upon as soon as the issue starts. One has to be vigilant and understanding of the issue and should know when to act. There are some early warning signs that one must pay attention to avoid the scenario.


  • 1

    Watching TV on Loud Volume

    If you are inclined to watch television on loud volume because you feel comfortable, it is a sign that you are having some hearing issues. Often others will tell you that the volume is too high for their comfort and you need to lower it. If the lower volume is not easy to understand of you, it is best that you see a doctor and consult on the issue as it can be the start of hearing loss.

  • 2

    Leaning to Listen

    If you are with friends at a restaurant or at some event and you need to lean to listen more carefully to those who are speaking to you, it is a sign that you may be having hearing loss. Although the noise in these places may be a little higher than normal, one should generally be able to listen to others even if it is a tough ask. If it is too hard, it is probably a hearing related issue.

  • 3

    Others Repeating

    If you friends and family tell you that they have to repeat over and over again when they are talking to you, this is a sure sign. You probably will be asking them yourself to repeat and should serve as a notice of potential hearing related issues. Always pay close attention to this as this is one of the clearest signs of hearing loss.

  • 4

    Unsure of Sound Direction

    If you get confused about which direction the sound is coming from, you probably need to see the doctor. Under normal circumstances, it is easy for a person to understand the direction of the sound and one should be able to identify the source of the sound. If that is not the case, you may be suffering from hearing loss.

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