How to Make Side Swept Bun Hairstyle

The side swept bun updo is one of the easiest and most versatile of hairstyles. You can wear it to any event, formal or casual, and the look is famous with celebrities like Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence.

Whether you are a student, a housewife or a professional woman, this style suits everyone and doesn’t need hours of your time. As long as you have a few elastic bands, bobby pins and a hair stick you are good to go.

Things Required:

-Hair comb
-Hair serum or mousse
-Elastic hair bands
-Hair stick


  • 1

    Divide hair into sections

    First you need to divide your hair into two sections from the middle and brush through properly in order to remove any knots and tangles. Using a dry shampoo at this point is also recommended, since it adds texture and much-needed volume.


    Hair sections
  • 2

    Part your hair to one side

    Now you need to part your hair to one side (the side you want to make a bun at). Using a comb for this instead of a brush makes it much easier.

    Make Side part
  • 3

    Apply Shine Serum

    Once you have parted your hair you can use shine serum for some gloss. Just take some in your hands and rub it thoroughly over your head and through your hair with your fingers.

    Alternatively, you can also use mousse to coat your hair before you style them into the bun so that they are easier to style.

    Apply Hiar Serum
  • 4

    Gather hair and start revolving

    Once you have applied the shine serum or mousse, you need to gather your hair to one side, using either a comb or a brush. You can set up the bun on either the left or the right side, since this completely depends on your preference.

    After gathering the hair to your preferred side you need to start revolving it, aiming for the base to be somewhere around the top of your ear.

    When you only have hair the length of your hand remaining you need to tie off the end using an elastic hair band so that the revolutions don’t come undone.


    Comb hair
  • 5

    Fold your pony inside

    The last remaining length of hair then needs to be folded inside the main bun, and held there while you go for the bobby pin or hair stick.


    Fold your pony
  • 6

    Secure with hair stick

    Now you need to give the final touch to your side swept bun by securing the last length of hair using a bobby pin or a hair stick. Just make sure the stick goes through all the way from one end to the other and it will hold your bun together firmly.


    Secure with hair stick

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