How to Make a Flower Hair Clip Pin

Flowers are no longer to our lawns. They are on our dresses, on our bags, shoes and yes on the hair. Flowers tucked in the hair make a wonderful sight.They bring their own beauty and freshness to our face. Fresh flowers have their own charm. However, you cannot always have a fresh bunch at hand to pluck and use on your hair. This leaves us with the option of artificial flowers which could be made of plastic or fabric. These flowers can be attached to a bow or clip. So you can always have a bunch of flower hair clips ready to decorate your hair. You can make your own flower clip using simple material and instructions.

Things Required:

– Artificial flowers
– Wire cutter
– Alligator hair clip
– Hot glue


  • 1

    Get the required materials. the clip can be bought from any jewelry shop. It should be simple so that the flower stands out. Get the flower from a craft shop. The type and size of the flower depends totally on your own discretion and the size of the clip.

  • 2

    Tear the flower petals apart slowly so that each one of them separates. Do not harm the center. Stack the petals and leave the center part aside. If you are using the leaves, do the same with them as you did with the petals. This step ensures that your flowers have a flat surface and come in good contact with the clip so that they are better attached. Use a wire cutter if the petals are joined with a wire. This will make your work much easier. Do make sure that you do not harm any of the petals or distort their shape while separating them.

  • 3

    Apply a good layer of hot glue over the clip surface. Press the petals to the surface one by one in a circular pattern resembling a flower. Press the center part in the middle of the petals and you have your flower neatly made. If you have leaves to add, you should attach them before the petals so that they peek out from the back. Let the glue dry for a couple of hours so that the flower is firmly secured to the clip. Now you can safely tuck it on your hair and you are set to shine.

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