How To Make Coarse Hair Soft

Some people may have naturally rough hair. While men can learn to live with any kind of hair, this can be a huge problem for some women as they want their hair to look shiny and silk. Usually, women spend a lot of time fixing and toning down their rough hair so that it will appear smooth and silky smooth.

There are some hair items and hair techniques that you can go through if you want to have smooth and silky smooth hair. Most of these techniques and items come at a very high price. Fortunately, you can turn your rough hair into smooth hair just by using some items that you can get from the grocery store.


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    You will need some hair items to create your hair smooth and smooth. The items that you need are olive oil, a nasty bath cap, moisturising hair shampoo, moisturising hair cream and a hair dryer. You can buy the hair items from the grocery store. Hair lotions and moisturising shampoos come in different smells. You can choose one that you like best.

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    To begin off, add a bit of olive oil on your arms. Rub your arms and begin rubbing the olive oil on your hair. Ensure that to protect all the areas of your hair. You can add more olive oil if you feel that your hair needs more moisture. Use the nasty bath cap and protect your hair with it. Then leave the bath cap on for at least 3 quarters of an hour.

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    The next step is to strike dry your hair. Use a comb as you dry your hair in little segments. You can also use a hair straightened or a curling metal to style your hair. The choice is up to you. Thereafter, you will notice that your hair is smoother than before.

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    When you take a bath, create sure to use moisturising hair shampoo to keep your hair from being dry. This will help with the rough texture of your hair. You can also use conditioner twice per week so that you can maintain your smooth hair.

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