How to Use a Brush to Detangle Hair

Unkempt hair can be a pain to detangle and smooth out, whether it is your own or somebody else’s. Arguably the worst scenario is a little girl with messy, tangled hair, who is unlikely to brush them out herself, or let you do the honours easily. However, with a little bit of distraction, and some appropriate tools, you can use a simple brush to detangle messy and knotted hair.

Things Required:

– A paddle brush with soft bristles
– Detangling spray


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    The main requirement for this task is distraction. Unkempt hair is bad enough to look at, but the mere prospect of having to tackle the impending challenge of brushing it out can fill you with dread. Understand that it is an ordeal you should get done with as soon as possible. If you need to brush a child’s hair out, give her toys or a book, or put on her favourite movie to divert her attention, and if you need to detangle your own hair, distract yourself by watching TV or standing near a window and looking out as you brush.

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    If the hair is hopelessly tangled and knotted, you will need to start by using a detangling spray – this makes hair damp, and loosens up knots, to make the brushing process easier and less painful. Spray it all over the hair, and lift up the locks as you spray, to make sure it is evenly distributed throughout.

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    Now pick up the paddle brush – this should have soft bristles, which will make it easy to loosen up knots and tangles – anything too hard like wood or metal will just make the entire process more painful. If you cannot find a paddle brush, using a comb is also an option.

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    Use the brush to work on the hair in sections – separate a small section of hair, work on detangling this, and only take out another section after the first is tangle-free. Start working on each section from the bottom, and gradually work your way up.

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    To minimise the pain, try holding the hair away from the head as you brush. Do not tug or attempt to brush too roughly. Keep persisting gently until the knots give way. Once all your hair is tangle free, give it another light spritz of detangling spray, and brush through it all once more.

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