How to Latch Hook Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are matted coils of hair which are famous among Africans and Latin Americans. Over time new hair grow, and if not maintained properly, they start to dread themselves at the roots, turning into a mess of tangled hair. There are several methods to re-dread the new growth, latch hook being one of the easiest DIY ways. Latch hook can be used to make dreadlocks as well as maintain them. When maintaining the dreads, you just knit the newly grown hair into the dreads.

Things Required:

– Shampoo and conditioner
– Fine-tooth comb
– Latch hook
– Hair clips, ties or pins


  • 1

    Thoroughly wash and condition your hair using your regular products and dry them with the hair drier set on medium.

  • 2

    Starting from the back of your head, section off a chunk of hair, keeping the thickness of your own choice. Tie or clip the rest of the hair up and away from the section you want to dreadlock.

  • 3

    Take a fine-tooth comb and back comb the section of the hair you have decided to dreadlock. To back comb, instead of combing on the top, comb on the inner side of the hair, starting from the tips to the scalp. Continue to back comb the hair gently until a knot forms on the end, near the scalp.

  • 4

    Once you are done back combing, add a latch hook into the centre of the section and pull it towards the scalp until it reaches the knot at the end and stops going any further.

  • 5

    Now place the hook into the knot and pull it through the centre of the section of the hair.

  • 6

    Replicate the above steps until the section of the hair is knotted all the way down to the scalp and a dreadlock is formed.

  • 7

    Repeat this procedure with the rest of the hair until all your hair are knotted.

  • 8

    To tighten the newly formed dreadlocks, gather all of your hair and tie them into a ponytail on top of your head.

  • 9

    Take a single dreadlock out of the cluster and twist any wobbly hair into and around the base of the lock.

  • 10

    Now insert the latch hook into the end of the dreadlock and grab it through the centre of the lock.

  • 11

    Repeat this process of until the dreadlock reaches all the way down to the root and all locks are fully tightened.

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