Rainy Day Hairstyle Ideas for Women

As I often say, men are fortunate enough to get away with their short hair, but women have to be very particular about their hair and the styling choices they make.

If everything else was not enough, even the weather imposes conditions and limits their choices. Humidity and rain can result in a frizz-disaster, and thousands of women around the world have no idea what to do when the clouds decide to pour.

Worry not however; we are here to give you hair styling tips for rainy days so that you can walk out confidently and forget all about a bad hair day.


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    Styling hair for indoors

    If you are going to be working indoors and only need to get out in the rain to travel from your door to the car and then from your car to your workplace, you can follow these steps:

    Use a heat protectant gel or spray on your hair so that they are not damaged by excessive heat.

    Now take your blow dryer and turn it up to dry your hair thoroughly, inside out. However, don’t hold your blow dryer too close to your scalp and keep a distance of about 10 inches between it and your hair.

    Once your hair dries up, apply an anti-frizz serum or spray (try John Frieda Frizz-Ease 3-Day Straight Semi-Permanent Styling Spray – get it here .

    Now you can either use a flat iron for straightening your hair or curl them. Whichever style you choose, you won’t have to worry about frizz, regardless of whether it is humid or is raining.

    If you take an umbrella with you and avoid getting your hair wet under the rain you’ll be fine throughout the day.

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    Hairstyling ideas for outdoors

    Let’s say you have to go grocery shopping or have planned a day out with the kids but the forecast is for a rainy day, follow the tips here.

    Updo Bun

    Updo hairstyles are perfect for rainy days, keeping your hair together and preventing them from getting soaked and frizzing up. It won’t take a lot of time and will save you a world of hassle when you are heading out.


    Braids, in any style, work really well for rainy days, keeping your hair together, preventing frizz and strays and still looking good. They take a little longer than an updo but are worth the effort.

    Casual ponytail

    If you are really short on time you can skip everything and simply tie your hair back in a casual ponytail. Just make sure you pull back all the hair at the front, so that even if they get wet, they don’t irritate you.

    Wear a Hat

    This is a simple but practical step. If you can’t be bothered with an umbrella, you can simply throw on a hat to fend off light rain. Not only will your hair stay dry, you won’t have to fuss about a hairstyle for the day.

    Just make sure you put on a hat that won’t by spoiled by rain.

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