How to Use a Conair Quick Braid

To use a conair quick braid is not a difficult process, although it varies in different types. It is a sort of a rope plait or a wrap that makes your hair more attractive. However, in all types a conair quick braid is a carefully done process, requiring a bit of detailed work and concentration. It can be done quickly by following the technique thoroughly from start to end. Since it is not very difficult, you can use a conair quick braid yourself at home with a minimum effort and time or can have it done professionally.


  • 1

    Selection of Hair

    Firs of all pick a small part of your hair that you want to use, and then divide into two equal parts. Do not pick a bigger quantity of hair as a thick portion of hair does not suit to conair braid.

  • 2

    Clipping of Hair

    Once you have picked your hair and divided into two equal parts, clip each part to the pegs. Do it properly and respectively and do not let your hair get mixed into each braid, and also avoid breaking your hair.

  • 3

    Twisting Part

    After you clip your hair to pegs, push up the button up in a way that each part is twisted. Twisting part needs to be carefully done. Do not roll your hair completely. Instead, it should be twisted as much as it can be naturally.

  • 4

    Wrapping of Two Parts

    The next step for you is to wrap both parts. Do not let the hair mix with each other individually. It can get tangled into each other, and can disturb the entire process.

  • 5

    Tugging of Hair

    After wrapping of your hair remove the pegs. Be assured about the length of the hair you want to achieve. You will also need your hair tugged, because conair braid will make your hair a bit knotty. Without tugging, it will be a bit difficult for you to manage the hair.

  • 6

    Tie It With Elastic

    After you are done with tugging, tie your hair with a small hair tie or elastic. This makes your conair quick braid done. You can look to satisfy that it has added a value to your hair, making it more attractive.

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