How to Combat Hair Loss from Medication

There are number of reasons people suffer hair loss. It can be inherited, reaction to few treatments such as chemotherapy, medications or bearing medical conditions. Mostly hair loss appears in form of pattern baldness and this condition is known as alopecia. This might be permanent and both men and women can suffer from this problem. Besides scalp, people can suffer this problem in other areas of body as well. There is no solution of this problem but with proper medications you can reduce the hair loss or help to grow more. For women, hair loss can also occur due to a medical condition known as hypothyroidism. However, it is also the result of lower estrogen levels. These women can promote hair growth in order to overcome this problem.


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    Minoxidil can be used in order to treat hair loss. It is available in liquid or foam form and can be directly applied on the scalp. You can massage this product on your scalp twice a day in order to get better results. Continue applying this product for almost 12 weeks and you will see the results. The baldness will be gone as either you will grow more hair or the hair loss will be reduced. In addition to this, Minoxidil is the only product approved to treat women hair loss by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, keep in mind that if you stop using this product then your hair will not grow. Furthermore, the new hair grown are thinner and shorter as compared to your original hair.

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    Another external product which people can use to combat hair loss is anthralin. It is available in cream or ointment form. Anthralin is a synthetic substance and it is applied by rubbing on the scalp. However, you need to apply it once a day and after applying, you need to rinse it off. You need to use this product for almost 12 weeks in order to see the results.

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    Finasteride is the only pill that is approved by FDA for combating hair loss. It stops testosterone from converting into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Remember that DHT is a hormone which damages person’s hair follicles. In order to see the results, you need to eat the pill once every day.  Continue this for many months until you see the results.

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