How to Remove Tangles and Knots from Hair

Tangles and knots in hair make for a painful and frustrating experience, which can often make you feel like snipping off the knotted lock is the only option. While the best way to deal with this is to make sure you prevent your hair from becoming knotted in the first place, there are also several methods you can employ to tackle any knots or tangles if you do encounter these while brushing.

Things Required:

– Hair brush or comb
– Hair clips – optional
– Leave in or spray conditioner
– Detangling spray


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    Before you begin the detangling process, make sure your hair is not wet – if you’re fresh out of the shower, stay away from the hairbrush until your hair is fully dry. Then run through your hair with your fingers gently, to locate the areas that are tangled and knotted.

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    At first, try untangling the knots with your fingers. Go about this gently, and do not pull or tug at the knots, or try to rake your fingers downwards through the knot – instead, pull individual hair out of the knot, until the tangle disappears.

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    However, if the knot or tangle happens to be exceptionally stubborn, you will need to use more drastic measures. Firstly, begin by using hairclips to separate the knotted section from the rest of your hair.

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    Then, spray the core of the knot or tangle with some leave in or spray conditioner, or a good detangling spray. Work this in through the tangled hair thoroughly, making sure the knot gets soft and damp. Then, use your hand to stretch the tangled lock of hair out straight.

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    Now, using a wooden brush or comb (avoid brushes with metal bristles), start working at the knot gently. Do not rake your brush through harshly – rather, work it downwards towards the tips gently and slowly, with frequent pauses and reapplications of the conditioner or spray. Work on the knot one section at a time, until you manage to detangle it. Repeat the same procedure on all the other knots and tangles. Finally, apply some leave in conditioner, to keep the hair smooth and tangle-free.

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