How to Sterilize a Hairbrush

You may have just dropped your hairbrush on the floor or your child has done the same thing, but he did that in the toilet. There are a number of situations when your brush needs to be sterilized. At such time, you must not panic. In fact, you can sterilize it easily at home. Some people may think of going to market and buy another expensive hairbrush. However, hairbrush is not something which needs to be replaced constantly.

Moreover, you can save that money for something more important. Therefore, sterilizing the hairbrush is the best way to save money, and you will not have to buy any sterilizing agent from the market for that purpose. In fact, you can do it at your home by using anything that is already available to you.

One can wash their hairbrush daily. However, sterilizing it on daily basis will not be a good idea. Therefore, always try to sterilize it when necessary – one or twice a month.


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    Take tweezers and use them to remove hair at the bottom of the bristles. You can also use scissors to cut off hair that are entwined around the bristles. Make sure you completely clear the base of the brush and the bristles, as it is essential to clear the brush for sterilizing process.

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    Now fill your sink with warm water and add one teaspoon of dish detergent in it. In the sudsy mixture, spin the brush well, before submerging it into the water present in the sink. Make sure you allow the brush to soak well, for around 10 minutes.

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    If the hairbrush's base is made up of wood, do not submerge it in the water, as it will completely damage your brush. In such case, just swirl the blisters in the water and put them, with solution on it, on the paper towel, for around 10 minutes.

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    Drain the water from your sink and wash the soapy water from the hairbrush and out of the bristles.

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    Once again, fill you sink with warm water and add one tablespoon of chlorine bleach. One tablespoon of chlorine bleach can be used in one gallon of warm water. Therefore, use the chlorine according to the size of your sink.

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    Now submerge the brush in the solution and allow it to remain there for around 20 minutes. In case of wooden brush, repeat the same process as it was done with the water-detergent mixture.

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    Empty water from your sink and rinse the solution water from the hairbrush. Your hairbrush is now sterilized and ready for use.

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