How to Fall In Love with Short Hair

Once your hair is cut beyond your liking there is no way in the world to undo what has been done. So, instead of cursing the moment you decided to get a haircut, its best to learn to love your new hairstyle. Even if you deliberately get a short haircut, accepting your new look can become a little difficult, especially if you are inclined towards longer hair. However, as you will read further, you will see that there are tons of reasons to like your new, short hair.


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    It is almost impossible to fall in love with small hair at first after having sported long hair for long. Shorter hair tend to bring out our facial flaws, which makes their acceptance a little hard for many. However, there are a lot of fancy hair cuts associated with shorter hair, and you should consider one that may suit you.

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    Styling short hair is a major hassle, but it can be resolved by buying a hair spray or a hair gel to keep your hair in place.

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    You can also experiment with hair colors and streaking to see if your new style looks better.

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    The best thing about having short hair is that you can keep them clean  rather easily, since they are more manageable.

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    With a cleaner scalp, your hair grows healthier and you can get rid of your dandruff problems as well.

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    Men and Women with thin hair need to support this hairstyle as this can improve the quality of your hair. Blood reaches the tips of shorter hair more frequently which improves their health.

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    Look at all the different hairstyles you can make with short hair. There are only a number of hairstyles you can sport with long hair, especially for men. However, with short hair you can actually have a different hairdo for each day of the week.

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    On a bad hair day you can just leave your short hair, sporting a rough look or make spikes.

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    The best part of having short hair is that it takes no time to style them when going out, so you can take a shower, wear your favourite dress and be on your way.

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    While long hair gets messed up after wearing a cap, you do not have to face the same problem with short hair.

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    Drying short hair after a shower/wash practically takes no time at all. You don't need to go through the tedious process of blow drying either.

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