How to Do Hair Updos

If you are one of those women with long or medium hair, then updos are the right option for you since these hairstyles look extremely feminine. But women with short hair do not have to worry as updos for your hair are, although a bit tough to make as compared to others, but still look amazing. Hair Updos are among hairstyles that are perfect for almost all kinds of functions starting from formal or casual events, prom, or even weddings. Hair updos always give an extremely pretty look to your personality. With a little time and a good quality hair spray, you can create a very elegant look with different types of updos.


  • 1

    Shampoo you hair

    Shampooing your hair depends on your hair type and time available to take the shower.  Most hair stylist will advise you to make sure your hair is washed the day before if it’s being styled. Shampooing it on the day or will make it too clean and when hair is clean it normally is slippery.  Clean slippery hair will be harder to hold.

    I have seen people do very good hair updos even without washing due to availability of time and some time injury.  It is up to you to decide and see if shampoo is needed. If you do decide to shampoo your hair, make sure to use a fine quality shampoo in order to give them neat look and a product that will give it a texture and body.

    Sea Salt Spray is known to give your hair a grip so is light weight mousse.

  • 2

    Apply hair conditioner

    Once you wash your hair, apply hair conditioner, and rinse with cold water in order to enhance the texture and appearance of your hair.

  • 3

    Blow-dry your hair to create volume

    Now, blow-dry your hair to add volume to create some interesting updo hairstyles.

  • 4

    Identify your hair type

    It is the time to identify your hair type in order to get an idea that which hairstyle will suit you. Wavy and curly hairs are perfect for Chic Pony Hairstyle, and half up half down hairstyle etc. Moreover, if you have straight hair, then it is easy for you to come up with simple but unique updos like side swept and bun Updos etc.

  • 5

    Select an Updo according to your hair length

    The length of your hair also matter in updos hairstyles. You can make Braided Bun Hairstyle with long hair. The other updos for long hair can be the Bun Hairstyles and double ponytail etc. Ponytail and Messy side bun hairstyles are best for mid-length hair. However, Updos  for Short Hair also suits various occasions and personalities.

  • 6

    Have an Updo according to an event

    You can make various updos according to important events in your life like wedding, anniversary, birthday etc. You can consider Beach Wedding Hairstyles Updo, half updos, three braid bun updo etc for wedding hairstyles. Wedding remains incomplete without Updo for a Bridesmaid, while your prom attire will look even more ravishing with a Swept away prom hairstyle.  But if it’s a casual event like cheer leading or a sports match, make sure you make your hair in a High pony hairstyle.

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