Make a Ponytail with Hair Extensions in 10 Minutes

Hair extensions can be very convenient, not only for adding volume or covering up thin hair, but also for styling purposes. A lot of women wish for long hair, but steer clear of them due to the hassle involved in their maintenance.

The use of hair extensions allows you to sport long hairstyles, without having to commit to long hair. The ponytail is a great example of this. Even with short hair, you can style a ponytail within 5 minutes, which is perfect for both formal and casual events.

The choice of hair extensions for this hairstyle depends on you. You can go with both clip-ons and stick-ons, but since you will be using them for a hanging ponytail, use of bobby pins will be essential.


  • 1

    Get matching hair extensions

    First you need to purchase hair extensions that go with the color of your natural hair. Extensions generally come in ‘wefts’ and you need to pick a weft which is around 10 inches in length.

    Hair extension
  • 2

    Unroll and untangle the weft

    Before you can use the weft you need to unroll and untangle it. Spread it out on a flat surface and run a comb or brush through it to make sure there are no tangles and the extension is straightened completely.

    Time required: 2 minutes

    Unroll extension weft
  • 3

    Make a ponytail with your natural hair

    Now you need to create a ponytail with your natural hair and tie it up where you desire. You can have a side ponytail if you want, or one directly at the back. Just make sure the ponytail is uniform and straight, not bushy.

    Time required: 1 minute

    Making Ponytail
  • 4

    Use bobby pins to attach the weft

    Now hold the unwrapped weft and start rolling it around your natural pony tail in a way as to cover it. With each roll you can use a bobby pin to secure the extension. You will need around 4 bobby pins to firmly secure the weft in place whether it is the sticky kind or the clip-on variety.

    Time required: 4 minutes

    hair extension weft
  • 5

    Disguise the seam

    Now you can use a pony tail holder to cover the part where the extensions join your natural ponytail. This will hide the seam and make it appear like one complete length of hair.

    Time required: 2 minutes

    Use ponytail clip
  • 6

    Use a Hairspray

    In the end you can use a hairspray on your pony tail to give it shape and make it stick together better.

    Time required: 1 minute

  • 7

    General Tips for Making a Ponytail with Hair Extensions

    -Don’t style, comb through or untangle the extensions after attachment. Do it beforehand.
    -Match the color of your extension with your hair under natural light for accuracy.
    -Don’t forget bobby pins for a secure fit.


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