How to Trim a Synthetic Wig

When a synthetic wig starts looking dull after weeks or months of use, one definitely considers trimming it. It becomes essential after a while, as you need to style accordingly with the changing trends.

One cannot afford buying synthetic wigs every month, as they cost heavily. Therefore, the best idea is to look after the wigs you have, so that they can last long.

Since hair doesn’t grow back on wigs, you are required to be really careful while trimming. One can get better results through both the razor and scissor cut, but it is ideal to opt for the former option.


  • 1

    Brush your wig thoroughly. Use only a wig brush or pick, because the brushes designed for natural hair could prove devastating. A regular brush makes the wig fizzy.

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    Once the wig hair is completely straight, it is time to start trimming. However, don’t forget to check the length of your wig before trimming it.

    A lot of people make a mistake by trying to trim the hair while wearing the wig. It is a terrible thought, because you will end up with an uneven length. Once you got the right idea about the length, remove it from your head and start the trimming procedure.

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    There is no need to cut all the hair at once. The best possible way is to cut them in layers. Keep brushing your wig to keep the hair straight.

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    Try cutting the hair just as a barber would do. You should not be hasty, otherwise you would end up with ruining the wig.

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    Once you are satisfied with the length, put the wig on and have a close look in the mirror. If you find any uneven layer, do further trimming.

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    Another terrific idea is to get help from a friend to get your wig trimmed, while it rests on your head.

    Trimming a wig is slightly easier than cutting natural hair, therefore you don’t need to take it to a professional. However, if you face any confusion, you should take it to a wig shop and let a professional handle this.

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