How to Trim a Moustache with Scissors

Moustaches in many cultures are seen as a sign of masculinity. People keep moustaches of all kinds and keep them every now and again as if it will raise their stature along with it. However, if they are left unattended, they can be your partner in food as well.

So keeping them trimmed is an important thing to do if you have one. Using a pair of scissors is probably the most commonly used method and it is not hard to do but one should be careful. Make one false move and you could soon be shaving it off.


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    Prepare your moustache by using some warm water so that they got soft. Use a moustache comb to get them in shape so that you are able to trim them right. Having a haphazard moustache can lead to a haphazard trim.

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    Start from Edges

    Start the trimming process from the outer parts of the moustache. Remember it is not a time to show your bravery and keeping your hand soft. Be artistic and have gentle strokes. Do not be impatient as you can cut more than you want or even flick off a side altogether.

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    Work Your Way Through

    Slowly move around other areas of the moustache and get to the bottom and trim it carefully. You will have to make sure that you equally trim the bottom from both sides so that you have a good balance to your moustache.

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    Fine Tune

    The eventual fine tuning can be done with the help of a razor, especially from the top. Make sure that you have an even top as an out of shape top and sides look weird. You can also have a different styled moustache, such as one kept by Charlie Chaplin if you want to experiment.

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    Comb Again

    Once again comb to see that the moustache is even after the trim. Closely examine after combing and correct anything that you seem to have underdone or over done. One again pay attention to this to make sure that you have some fine results.

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