How to Make A GPS Bike Mount

Riding a mountain bike is one of the most fun things to do. It gives you a very good buzz, and helps you live on the edge without you having to do anything far too extreme.

However, the problem with mountain biking is the fact that often, people tend to get lost. They just don’t know where it is that they are going, and this tends to cause a whole lot of problems for them.

A brilliant solution is to install a GPS unit into your bike. This GPS unit will always be able to tell you where you have to go, and will help you during the rough patches that you hit out on the road.

However, you need to make a mount for this unit, so that it stays connected and doesn’t fall apart.


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    Get GPS unit and measure

    The first step is for you to step outside and actually purchase a GPS unit. You need to get one that doesn’t require a very big battery unit, since you will be using it on your bike and finding space for all the extra batteries will be a problem.

    Make sure you put in some research before you actually buy this device.

    Now once you have the device, you need to measure it, just to get an idea of how big the mount for it should be.

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    Now based on the measurements that you have gotten from the first step, you need to create a mount for the unit.

    Now do this by making a rectangular cube like shape with aluminium or metal. Ensure that the welds that you put in are strong, and don’t have a lot of gaps in them.

    Now you also need to create a method for connecting the mount in between your handlebars. You can either leave weld it to the bars, or drill holes through the base and then screw it to the bars.

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    After you have created the mount, you need to go ahead and attach it to the bike. After this happens, go ahead and slide in your GPS unit.

    Now make sure the unit is firmly in place, and use either two sided tape to fasten it in place, or create a lid on top to prevent it from slipping out when the bike moves back and forth.

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