How to Land BMX Jumps Safely

It is a natural phenomenon that whatever goes up has to eventually come down as well. This holds true when you perform air tricks with your BMX bike. You will have to eventually land which can be dangerous if you do not use the tight techniques. The importance of a safe landing is highlighted by the fact that injuries suffered due to a poor landing can prove fatal in some cases. Here are a few techniques which will help you land a BMX jump safely and thus minimising the chances of a personal injury.


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    Try to eliminate the major contributing factors towards a rough landing: instability and rough landing. Make sure that your body is very stable and does not sway from side to side while you land. Also, gain enough speed before executing a certain trick to ensure that you do not land even before the trick is completed.

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    While you land, keep your knees bent, stiff and as straight as possible in order to brace the impact of landing. This technique not only helps land the BMX safely but also reduces the chances of a knee injury dramatically.

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    Just like your knees, keep your elbows bent as well while you land the BMX. This will make your body more stable which means you will have higher chances of a safe landing. The ideal elbow position for a safe BMX landing is when you keep your elbows very close to your belly.

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    Positioning your shoulders correctly is of great help for landing a BMX jump safely. Make sure that your shoulders are positioned exactly over the bike’s centre which means that centre of gravity while you land will be very even. You will be able to land with both tyres coming in contact with the ground simultaneously, making the landing very safe.

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    Keep your eyes fixed on the ramp while landing. Looking sideways will distract your attention making it almost impossible to land safely. Also, with your eyes looking forward towards the ramp, you will be able to maintain the centre of gravity more easily while landing.

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    Do not lose your concentration and keep your mind focused. If you get distracted by a cheering audience, the chances of a safe landing will be minimal.

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