How to Do Tricks on a Dirtbike

Racing dirt bikes is a thrilling sport but some adrenaline junkies do not stop at this. They like to go a step further and do unbelievable manoeuvres with those high-speed vehicles just for fun. Performing tricks on a dirt bike is extremely dangerous, especially for the beginners, and it should be never done without the supervision of an expert and proper safety measures. There are some very simple tricks which the rookies and the professionals can perform alike. You better start with trying out those tricks before moving on to the more dangerous ones.


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    As a beginner, you have to start with performing some easy and not so dangerous moves. Make sure you have all the safety equipment intact, especially the helmet, knee and elbow guards. Keep practicing simpler stunts and gain control over the bike before attempting any trick. Your dirt bike must also be properly tuned, its brakes working perfectly and all screws properly tightened up. A well maintained vehicle will ensure your safety.

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    The famous Can-Can trick can be practiced by the rookies easily. It simply involves lifting up one of your foot over the seat and take it onto the opposite of the bike seat. Bringing your foot back in the same manner will complete the Can-Can trick.

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    Candy Bar is a bit difficult trick, involving a rider to take one leg through the handlebar of the bike and then back. This trick becomes even difficult if you are flying through the air.

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    A Cliff Hanger stunt is performed by hooking your feet under the handlebars and reach up vertically. This manoeuvre requires extensive care and practice before become an expert.

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    The Coffin stunt is done when you lie back on the dirt bike’s seat, just pretending to lie inside a coffin, while your feet horizontally under the handlebars. It is a difficult trick to perform and you will need perfect balance while doing it. A slightest of mistake on your part can be fatal for your!

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    The Double Grab stunt is performed by holding the seat with both hands, while extending your body completely backwards.

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    Grabbing any of the fender of the dirt bike with your hand will perform the Fender Grab stunt and it is relatively easier to perform by the rookies.

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