How to Install Road Bike Brakes

Brakes on any vehicle need to be perfectly functional for controlling it. Bicycle manufacturers these days are aiming to make light weight bikes for the convenience of their users. Lighter bikes can not only be lifted up easily but having lesser mass, they have lesser inertia and require lesser force for movement. However, making lighter bikes also compromise the durability of its parts in many cases. You might find the need of installing new brakes for your conventional road bicycle whenever you feel that the older ones have worn out.


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    Road bikes have two brakes i.e. one at the front wheel and the other one at the rear; both controlled by levers mounted on the handlebars. These levers are connected to the brakes via cables and you will have to take certain care to attach those wires correctly for the working of brakes.

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    Locate the mounting on the rear wheel to find the bolt holding the brakes. You will need to remove that bolt for opening up the brake.

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    You can apply some grease to the threads at the end of the bolt, making it softer to open up.

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    Both wheels of the bike are attached to the front and rear forks and you can find a hole just above the wheel for mounting the bike. You will have to insert the mounting bolt into this hole.

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    Push the mounting bolt into the hole as far it can go and then hold the brake with your one hand. Keep the brake in its position firmly.

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    Put on the thread nut from the backside of the mounting hold and tighten it up with your fingers as much as you can.

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    Take an Allen wrench and start tightening up the bolt fully. Keep holding the brake with one hand while tightening the bolt with the other.

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    Now you have to install the cables to connect the brakes with handlebar levers. Pull the lever backwards and you will see a hole at the top of it. This hole actually holds the brake cable once it is passed through it.

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    Pass the brake cable through this hole. Route the cable to the mounted brake at the rear wheel alongside the frame of the bike.

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    Insert the cable into the adjusting barrel at the top of the brake and then underneath the head of the bolt just below the barrel.

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    Tighten the bolt with the wrench to finish the job.

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