How to Check Motorcycle Brakes

Checking the brakes is very important for riders, especially aggressive and adventurous ones, in order to avoid accidents. You need to check the brakes if you are getting a new bike or a used one. Checking the brakes is not only important for a rider’s safety but will also prevent unnecessary visits to a mechanic.


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    Check rear brake

    First of all you need to check the rear brake of your bike. You need to have a look at the brakes. Press the pedal and check that it should be hard and not spongy. However, note that it should not be too hard. Thoroughly examine the brake pads and you can use a flashlight to have a better look at them.

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    Thicker brake pads

    The brake pads of your bike should be thick in order to have a better grip. In case they are thin then there is a possibility of metal to metal contact. Thinner brake pads will take longer stopping time and even damage the rotors.

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    Examine brake rotors

    Rotors are the main components which cause friction and eventually stop the motorcycle when in contact with brake pads. These are metal discs attached to wheels and you need to carefully examine whether they are damaged or loosened or not. Also check that the surface of a rotor is smooth and clean. In case the brake rotors have scratches on them or have rough surface then it will lead in wearing off your brake pads quickly.

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    Brake callipers

    Brake callipers push brake pads towards rotors in order to stop the motorcycle. You need to check carefully that whether brake callipers are damaged or not. Remember that these items should intact with the bike.

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    Front brake

    Next you need to check out the front brakes in the similar way like you checked the rear brakes. Remember that the front brake is controlled by the lever in front and it should be hard but not too hard.

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    Brake fluid

    You need to check that whether your motorcycle has enough brake fluid or not. It should also have the correct type and should not be leaking. In case there is a leak then there may be a problem in the brake system of your bike.

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