How to Replace Motorcycle Air Filters

Motorcycle air filters prevent dirt from going into the engine and are widely responsible for increasing the efficiency of the engine. The air filter makes sure that the motorcycle’s performance is smooth and steady. The air filters are generally not that expensive so they should be replaced after a certain period of time to make sure the performance of the engine remains good.

There are two types of air filters in the market, paper made and foam made. The ones made from foam can be washed and used again whereas the ones made from paper should be replaced.


  • 1

    Prepare the initial setup for replacing the air filter

    You need to prepare before you start the work for replacing the air filter. Spread sheets or newspapers on the floor to make sure no oil falls on the ground. A good way to do this would be to prepare your setup on a side and drag the motorcycle over it.

  • 2

    Locate the air filter

    Different models have different slots for the air filter. You should have the information of where the part is before you start your work. If you do not have the knowledge, consult the manual.

  • 3

    Remove the motorcycle’s saddle and set aside the hood

    You will need to remove the motorcycle’s saddle before so that you can set aside the hood. The saddle can be easily removed by a firm push from the bottom. When the saddle is removed, use a screw driver to set aside the motorcycle’s hood. Make sure you remove all the screws first so that the hood is not damaged.

  • 4

    Remove the air filter

    After setting aside the hood, reach for the air filter and remove it. There are two types of air filters, the foam ones and the paper ones. Foam filters are replaceable whereas paper filters, if replaced, are ineffective. 

  • 5

    Replace with the new filter

    Replace the old filter with a new one and cover with the air filter housing. Make sure you buy a good quality air filter so that the performance of your motorcycle remains great. 

  • 6

    Assemble everything back

    When you have replaced the air filter, put all the screws back in their place to fix the hood. Also place the saddle back and check with starting the motorcycle.

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