How to Make Motorcycle Baffles

A trend to modify a motorcycle’s exhaust system has gained popularity among the motorbike riders worldwide. Some of them want to make their motorcycle’s sound louder, although this adds to noise pollution by manifolds and there is a possibility that a penalty is levied upon them for the modification. Some of them want to make their motorbikes run faster. Whatever is the choice matter modification is not difficult and a bike rider can even install homemade baffles to achieve the desired result, and that too without adding to noise pollution.

The exhaust system of a motorcycle works the way other vehicle’s system does. The exhaust has a combustion chamber that carries the exhaust gas through a muffler into the air. Since the gas is filtered through the muffler it does not create sound, or a louder noise. If the muffler is removed and the exhaust gas is let through into the air directly, it causes huge noise, and wherever the bike is ridden, people become aware of it. This lets the rider have fun.

Nevertheless, the task of adding baffles without adding noise can be achieved through a simple process and performance of a few minor tasks.

Things Required:

– Shelving Brackets, two each for one pipe.
– Vise
– Drill
– Screws
– Screwdriver or Open-end Wrench
– Pliers


  • 1

    Mounting of Shelving Bracket

    If you have all your tools ready, start with mounting a shelving bracket into a vise - called a mechanical screw apparatus. Make sure the bracket is firmly held and then catch the other end of the bracket with pliers and ready to bend it. Keep the vise at sturdy and solid surface so it does not move from its place while you bend the bracket. Mount the bracket up to an inch into the vise, not more than that.

  • 2

    Bend Bracket

    By holding firmly the other end of the bracket bend it to a 90-degree angle. Do not push too hard, as the bracket can slip through the pliers and might slip out of the vise as well, and there can be a safety risk.

  • 3

    Drilling Hole in Bracket

    After you bend the bracket to the 90-degree level, drill a hole in the end, which you have mounted in vise. That is where you will place the bracket with the motorcycle's exhaust pipe.

  • 4

    Attach Bracket With Pipe

    After you have drilled a hole in the one end of the bracket, drill two holes at six inches distance from one end of the exhaust pipe towards exhaust exit. Attach the holed end of bracket with the pipe with a screw and tighten the screw with a screwdriver or an open-end wrench. Attach at least two brackets with one pipe.

  • 5

    Attach Brackets to Other Pipes

    You should drill holes in all brackets to attach them with other exhaust pipes in the motorcycle,  by attaching two brackets to one pipe each, and your motorcycle is ready with homemade baffles.

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