How to Drift on a Bike without Brakes

Drifting on four wheels can be easy, if you are an expert. However, things can be extremely difficult if you wish to do the same on two wheels, no matter how much experience you have. Moreover, you might find yourself in trouble if someone challenges you to drift on a bike without using brakes.

In order to achieve this task successfully, you have to muster up some courage, as the smallest of mistakes can result in serious consequences for you and you might end up needing medical attention. However, if you are unfazed and wish to continue with such risky moves, continue reading.

Things Required:

– Bike/Motorbike
– Clear track


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    For Bikes

    - Look for a smooth surface

    If you are planning to drift on a bike without using brakes, you have to make sure that the surface is ideal for drifting. Look for a place where the track is a bit slippery and perfectly smooth. A newly paved road will be really good for drifting, allowing your bike to slide across.

    - Use slick tyres

    Slick  tyres are very important if you want to drift on your bike. They have less traction and friction, allowing you to drift smoothly with ease.

    Change the bike’s gear

    Put your bike into a low gear, but it shouldn’t be the lowest. After doing so, you should start pedaling in order to gain some momentum.

    - Turn into a drift

    Once you have achieved moderate speed, turn into a drift and start pedaling vigorously. Moreover, transfer all of your weight on the handlebars until you feel the rear tyre sliding slowly. After you get that feeling, increase the pedaling speed in order to perform breakless drifting successfully.

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    For motorbikes

    - Gain momentum

    Brakeless drifting on simple bikes is slightly different compared to motorbikes. In case of the latter, you should start off by gaining some momentum. However, you should not increase the speed much in order to keep things under control.

    - Lean forward to one side

    Push your body forward to the side where you are turning. Moreover, stick one of your feet out in the direction you are turning.

    - Turn sharply

    Take a sharp turn and get some help with your foot, if necessary. Remember not to apply the brakes at any stage.

    - Keep going

    Keep going in the same way and you will end up completing a breakless drift.

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