How to Change Motorcycle Tires

Changing a motorcycle tire for the first time might be a trickier job than changing tires of a car. However, there are not many technicalities involved in the process and you can do it by yourself, rather than going to a mechanic and paying him for his services. You just need a new tire and few necessary tools for the job to be done.


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    You have to remove the old tire from your motorcycle first. Go to a motorcycle shop or an auto supply store to get the appropriate tools for removing the old tire from your bike. This job cannot be performed without the required tools and you have to be sure you are purchasing the fitting tools for your motorcycle.

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    Use a valve core tool to deflate the tire before you remove it. Deflating makes it easier to take the tire out of the motorbike axles.

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    Next, you will need a bead breaker tool to break away the bead from the rim and loosening up the tire. You might have to exert much manual force to break the bead if it firmly attached before. A ‘pop’ sound will be heard once it is broken.

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    Now turn over the tire to the other side and this will completely dismantle the bead.

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    Use a silicone lubricant to spray on both sides of the broken beads and this will make it easier for the tire to come out of its position.

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    Now take a tire iron and insert it in the space between the tire and the rim. You might need more than one tire irons to place around the tire in this process.

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    If you have lubricated the tire sufficiently, you won’t require prying the tire and it will come off relatively easier. However, you have to apply the required manual force.

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    Once you have removed the old tire, take out the new one and lubricate its sidewalls, just like you did to the old tire.

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    Put the tire onto the rim very firmly and use the tire iron again to get its edge over the lip of the rim. Keep using the tire iron until the entire tire is affixed in its right position.

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    Add a small amount of air to the tire by using an air compressor.

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    Insert new tire beads to the rim and then inflate the tire to the required psi.

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