How to Load a Motorcycle onto a Truck

There can be more than one reasons that you would like to load your motorcycle onto a truck, not just that it has developed some major fault at a place where you cannot access a mechanic and need a ride for yourself and also for your motorcycle. It sounds easier to load your motorcycle onto a truck than it actually is. It takes extra care for the sake of your safety and safety of both vehicles.

Ideally, the task is better done by two people, but in case you cannot find another person to help you load your motorcycle onto your truck, then try to use a ramp by yourself, either riding your motorbike onto it or pushing it onto the truck bed. First of all, you will have to make sure that the truck is parked at a safe place and with all safety measures done.

Also, make sure the ramp is properly fixed to the track back so while you ride the motorcycle onto it, it does not skid back or slip. If you are not confident that you can do the job on your own, better look for another person or call someone nearby to help you out. Never risk your safety and safety of the vehicles.


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    Ride Motorcycle Onto Truck

    One way to load the motorcycle onto the truck is to ride it onto the truck bed. Do it after fixing the ramp at the back of truck. If the truck is at a place lower than road level, the ramp's height is going to be very limited. It will not be flat in any case. So you can gradually ride it onto the centre of the truck bed, where you can tie it down with straps, so that it does not move up and down or forward and backward while the truck is being driven. A movement or jumping can damage your motorcycle, and there is a fear it might fall down if the truck body is not of a substantial height.

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    Roll Motorcycle Onto Truck

    If you are not confident or for any reason cannot ride the motorcycle onto the truck bed, roll it onto it. However, for this job you alone may not be enough and need help of another person. You can look for another person nearby or can call anyone you know to help you out. One person can push motorcycle from back and other pull it while standing on the truck bed, and when the bike is rolled onto truck, you may tie it down from the front and back so that it is not moved to any direction while truck is running.

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    Loading Dock

    If you do not have a motorcycle trailer or ramp, you can go to the loading dock that lies at the back of your truck and simply roll your motorcycle onto the truck bed. This process is easier and convenient, and less likely to risk safety of your vehicle. Once the motorcycle is on the truck bed, tie it down tightly so that it does not move.

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