How to Buy a Classic Triumph

The British car industry should be proud for producing its classic Triumph sports car since early 1950s. Nowadays there is hardly any British car brand that is popular world over. However, if you want to buy a Classic Triumph you can do so, as the cars are still surviving in sufficient numbers and exchanging hands of classic car lovers in the world. First of all you will need to select the model you are in interested in and then search for it online or through dealers, they might know of a person who has the car and wants to sell it.


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    TR3 Model

    The TR3 model was very popular sports car model. The car was manufactured in Britain from 1956 to 1962. The model comes with wire wheels and side curtains. It was once the most wanted car, but then was taken over by the latest models. You can still look for the particular model. Many people still hold them and have managed well to maintain them in good condition.

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    TR4 Model

    If you are interested in buying a car beyond the 1960s, then you should look for the TR4 model. It was manufactured from 1960s, and was one of the greatest cars of the time. It was styled by Michelotti and became very popular quickly.

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    TR6 Model

    Although the TR6 model is from the Classic cars era, it is considered to be the most modern car of that time, providing all sort of comfort to its drivers. The car is styled by Karmann in Germany, and was the first car manufactured on the modern manufacturing lines. The car was and still is very popular for its comfortable driving features.

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    Spitfire Triumph

    Spitfire is also a classic Triumph. It is probably the most affordable car. Many people still maintain and drive that car in very good conditions. This car is probably still left in greater number than any other model, and if you do some search, you might be able to find a car in good condition. A problem with classic Triumph is that they are maintained only by classic car lovers, and it is very difficult to convince them to sell the cars.

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