How to Maintain an Electric Bike

Owning an electric bike can be a lot fun and enjoyable experience. However, you have to properly maintain your electric bike for it to work at an optimum level. Electric bikes share some common components with their traditional counterparts, thus maintaining it is not that difficult. The only issue comes when you have to maintain the more technical parts which deal with the electrical drive-train and batter components. If you want to maintain your electric bike to keep it running like new, then there are a couple of techniques you can use to help.


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    Dust components:

    Take a clean cloth and regularly wipe away any dirt and grime that might be on your electric bike. Remember to avoid wiping any grease from the chain or gears as this keeps the electric bike lubricated and running smoothly. Try to wipe your electric bike after riding it on a regular basis.

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    Wash bike:

    If you have a lot of dirt sticking to your electric bike then you can carefully wash it using a soft sponge and some mild soap. Remember to avoid washing any part on your electric part that has grease for lubrication. Do not use too much water and just soak a sponge in soapy water from a bucket and wash your electric bike. You can put your electric bike in the sun for a few minutes to help it dry properly. Do not leave you bike in direct sunlight for too long as it can damage some of the electrical components.

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    Lubricate parts:

    There are various parts on an electric bike that are similar to a regular bike. Most of these parts require regular lubrication to keep them running smoothly. Buy some bicycle grease or oil and regularly lubricate the different parts of your electric bike. Remember to not put too much grease or oil on the components as this can attract a lot of dirt while riding your electric bike. There are many different bicycle lubes available that are designed to keep your bike running efficiently.

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    Maintain battery:

    The battery in an electric bike is the core component. Charge the batter regularly and try to avoid over charging it. Also, you should try to avoid allowing the battery to get fully drained. By maintaining your battery properly, you will be able to enjoy your electric bike for a long time.

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    Professional maintenance:

    You can always take your electric bike to a bike shop in your area as they have trained professionals that are used to maintaining electric bikes on a regular basis. Although this might be a little expensive, but they will be able to do it quickly and properly.

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