Smart E-Mobility’s Electric Scooter Review

Martin Hülder, the head of marketing and sales has publicized during an event in Berlin that the Smart electric scooter, third model from the exclusive range of Smart e-Mobility, will make its way into the market, in the year 2014.  Initially company grabbed the spot light by introducing Smart ForTwo Electric Drive and then e-Bike.

The announcement was previously made by Daimler in the mid of May at Davos, Switzerland, but the recent announcement include the confirmation of its release.

In the year 2010, this chic and stylish two-wheeler was first showcased in the Paris Moto Show, but it did not acquire much importance due to the presence of several ideas and the cash-burning situation of the company. Later United States offered to become its key market and the product was granted permission to go ahead.

This two-wheeler took no time in being the apple of every market’s eye, because of its exquisite features; a battery pack of 48 volts lithium-ion is available along with a 4-kW wheel hub electric motor at the wheel. According to its demo the electric scooter can cover 45 km distance per hour.

A plug-in socket is available in the scooter; it takes total 3 to 5 hours to charge its battery full.

Steel and aluminum are the two metals used in making the frame of the scooter; it is not only beautifully designed but possesses strength properties as well. Underneath the seat a space for placing two helmets is available. It seems that the scooter has room for only one but a pillion seat is also available which is folded out. The extra seat can also be replaced with a luggage rack, depending upon your requirement.

This Smart e-Mobility product benefits the owner with Smartphone amalgamation; you can mount your phone in the holster, which is present between the two handlebars. The phone will serve as a speedometer, range indicator and as a GPS tracking device as well. Besides these apps there are more to come, but they will be revealed with time.

Along with stylish looks and presence of fanatical characteristics, the company has also kept in mind your safety, an airbag, Blind Spot Assist and ABS stopping power is also available in the scooter. One liver is on the right side of the scooter for applying the hydraulic disc brakes.

By viewing its features and characteristics it has been estimated that the scooter is expected to start its price from $5,000-plus.

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