How to Get Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

Having made an investment in your bike, it is now important to spend some more money to protect yourself and your investment by obtaining the right insurance policy for it.


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    It is important that you specify or outline your needs first before looking up quotes. You need to know the make of your bike, along with the model number, and whether you will be the lone rider. All factors will determine the number an insurance company will charge you as premium. For instance, if you are the only driver, then the insurance rate will be relatively lower. However, if you are using it for multiple or commercial purposes, the rate applied will be greater. It will further determine which avenue will suit you – online, yellow pages or contacting an agent directly. Also you will need to have a motorcycle license as well, along with your personal driving history.

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    Go Online

    The Internet is the cheapest way to get insurance quotes for your bike as there is no mediator or agent involved. All you need to do is search the web, and you will find plenty of information. The prices will vary, depending on your specifications. The companies will need you to fill certain details about your bike and the price will be quoted to you instantly or through mail. However, most companies providing online services will not allow you to have more than 5 drivers, and will further refuse to cover your bike if it is too old.

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    Insurance agent

    Visit a local insurance agent or set up a meeting over the phone first, letting the insurance company know that you are planning to get an insurance quote for your bike. The agent will guide you through the procedure and further help you out in getting the best deal.

    The process will be the same, where you need to hand out details about the motorcycle to be insured. It is preferable that you contact your vehicle or home insurance agent (if you have one) as holding multiple insurances with the same company is beneficial where you are entitled to get discounts.

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