How to Fix a Flat in an Emergency without a Patch Kit

You have a bicycle and you are happily riding it; moved almost 12-14 miles from your home and enjoying your ride. However, you already know that happiness doesn’t last forever and something is bound to happen to make your life terrible especially when you are enjoying a good run of happy life spell. Here you go, you are riding and you suddenly get a flat tyre for some odd reason; maybe your tyre clipped over a nail or something else that went through it and now your whole mood is destroyed but you remember whenever you think that your life can’t be worse, the life accepts the challenge. You are in the middle of the road with a flat tyre and now you remember that you don’t have a patch kit as well. The terrible moment for sure but you are helpless. You were enjoying a few moments back and you are cursing your life now but that is life for you; take it or leave it. However, now what you have to do is to repair the tyre and you can still do that courtesy some grass field nearby which will be your last hope unless you are at a place which has no grass in the nearby fields.


  • 1

    Pick yourself up from your bike’s seat. It will only help your tyre to get busted. So, stand up and act like a man. Stop moaning and start acting.

  • 2

    Dislocate your tyre from the rim and separate it completely from one side. It will help you to locate the tube. Once you have located the tube, your first milestone is achieved.

  • 3

    You have to push hard to take out the tube from the tyre but make sure that you don’t press hard enough which will damage the tube. It is already deflated and a bit of pressure on the damaged area can ruin it for you completely. So be careful.

  • 4

    Stand up and curse yourself after taking out the tube. Curse yourself for not bringing the patch kit with you. You have to do it so that you will not forget to keep the patch kit with you ever again. Curse for almost 3-4 minutes. It will help you ease out and the anger will also fizzle out in the meantime.

  • 5

    Gather grass from the fields nearby; in fact move the bike to the grass field. Put the grass inside your tyre. Stuff it as much as you can.

  • 6

    Fit the tyre back on the rim.

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