How to Replace a Bike’s Brake Pads

You were going on a ride on your bike but suddenly you realized that your brakes weren’t working anymore or the performance of the brakes depleted over the course of the ride. It is a moment of major concern but there is no engine in the bike so the main problem can only be within the line of the brakes fitting. You did the analysis of the situation and found out that the brake pads were completely depleted and needs to be changed to improve the functionality of the brakes. You need to understand that changing the pads can be risky as well. However, if you are confident that you can do the task for which you are not specialized for, you should go for it.


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    Buy new brake pads from the shop. You will have to bargain a bit to get them in a good price. You might go to some online auctions website and see the price that is listed over there. You have several platforms to make the decision, online and offline are the two basic broad terms.

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    Check the old brake pads and remove them by opening the screw. You will need a wrench and a screw driver for that purpose. You will just dislocate the old brake pads. You will have to handle pressure and everything will be done in a split second.

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    Put the new pads in the same fashion as the old ones. You will have to tighten the screws so that it ensures the safety. If you will not fix the new brake pads with utmost care, they may fall off over the course of rides as the screws looses and allows the brake pads to loosen up as well.

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    You have to adjust the height of the brake pads as well. You will have to define the tightness of the brake pads but make sure that it doesn’t rub with the tyre when you are not applying the brakes because the wear and tear of brake pads will increase for no reason which will only cost you. It will also damage the tyre.

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    Adjust the toe in as well. The calliper should be adjusted at the same time so that everything is all set to go.

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    You are done and ready to go on a ride.

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