How to Understand Bicycle Sizing

Many people get confused when they go for buying a bicycle of a various sizes and they usually fail to measure the exact size of a bicycle for themselves. You can buy any bicycle from a departmental store for average riding. However, if you need a bicycle for some serious riding on hills then you must be in need of a bicycle that should be perfect in size for you. Measuring the size of a bicycle is something tricky and if you want to learn how to measure a bicycle accurately then you can take help from this post.


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    First of all, you need to understand the frame size of a bicycle and should also know how to measure it. Usually, frame size of any bicycle is measured by the seat tube or by taking measurement of the seat tube.

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    You should also measure the bicycle from the pedal base of the bicycle to the upper side or the top of the seat tube.

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    You can also measure the bicycle by starting from the pedal of the bicycle to the exact place of tube seat where it crossed the top side of the tube.

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    However, there are also variations in this measurement and you have to be sure that you have done it in the right way by measuring it again and again until you notice that every time the measurement shows the same result.

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    You should also measure the top tube’s length which is very important because there are many professional riders who give paramount important to the top tube’s length.

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    Top tube is usually slanted and horizontal and it runs from the lower side of the seat towards the handlebars of the bicycle.

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    Make sure you keep in mind that the length of the top tube should be suitable for the arms and upper body of the rider because it will help you in buying a bicycle which is perfect for your body.

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    Do not compromise on the length of the top tube because it is one of the most important parts of a bicycle and you have to make sure it is perfect according to your upper body otherwise you will not feel comfortable while riding.

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    Make sure you consider all aspects of measurement but first decide whether you are buying a bicycle for recreation or you want to have it for speed.

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    If you want speed then the seat of the bicycle should be slightly high than the handle bars. However, it should be parallel if you want to ride the bicycle just for fun.

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