How to Make a Bicycle Sound like a Motorcycle

You are an adventurous kid and want to play with your bicycle? You can make it sound like a motorcycle with not much effort. You will just need a few things that are readily available at home and a determination to put them in the right place. Motorcycle is expensive and a stipulation of being an adult is also applicable on its drivers. So a kid of a young age who is under 18 or in some states 21 years old can also get a taste of riding a motorcycle with less investment. Get a bike and just alter it or rather add a thing that will make it sound like a motorcycle.


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    Take a test ride of your bike in an open place. You need to make sure that you are travelling at a decently fast pace and you don’t have to apply the brakes for some distance. It is crucial for you to know that you can ride it for almost a mile at least. Pick a straight road with fewer bumps. You need to ride the bike fast and keep it in control as well so that your life is not in danger. You can choose a trace on the park but it curves sharply mostly so it is not a wise idea to use a park as a track.

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    Find a plastic cup or a plastic bottle that is almost a normal cup sized one. You have to crush it with your hand and deflate the fat stomach area of the bottle or the cup.

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    Locate the area where the brakes are applied on the bike. They are at the tyre’s top area and covered with brake pads that squeeze the tyre whenever you apply the brakes. You will find a hole near that place and you will have to put the plastic container in that area. Place it with utmost care. It shouldn’t enter the area of the tyre but should only rub against it. You can tape the container with the rod as well.

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    Test the bike by riding it in your garden. It should make the noise as the plastic material smashes with the tyre which produces the sound.

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    If there is a problem, find a new plastic container and fix it and try it again. Repeat this until the sound is perfect.

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    Ride your bike with friends and enjoy the sound of a motorcycle.

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