How to Adjust a Motorcycle Clutch Cable

The thrill of riding a motorcycle is like no other because you actually feel the wind go through your hair. You can feel each and everything that is going on around you while going at unimaginable speeds. For speed demons, motorcycles certainly provide an adrenaline rush like nothing else can, but at the same time, they demand as much care as any other method of transportation. Just like a car, a motorcycle needs as much, if not more maintenance in order to keep it in proper running condition. The best thing about maintaining a motorcycle is that it is not very hard to do by yourself, like it could be with a car.


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    Learn About the Clutch

    When dealing with the clutch of a motorcycle, there are two main points that deal with it and are the only major areas where the clutch can be tweaked towards performance. It can depend on which motorcycle model you are riding along with the year as minor changes can vary from model to model, but generally, things remain the same.

    Adjusting your clutch cable has to be one of the easiest things to do when working on a motorcycle and even the most least of experienced can get it done with a little step by step help.

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    Get the Tools

    In order to tweak the clutch cable, you must have the proper set of tools that match the size of the two different points. Sometimes, one specific wrench may fit both areas but it does matter whether they will be tight enough to actually make the desired and needed difference.

    A clutch needs to be tight to the point that the gear changing on the motorcycle, while driving, is a major factor in if the process is smooth or not.

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    Adjust the Clutch

    While working on one end, continue feeling the clutch to adjust it to your requirements. It will not be done from one end but the next will be from the other end. You need to continue working on feeling the clutch to see if it has been adjusted to the desired way or not.

    The next point is to actually test out the clutch by driving the motorcycle. If the gears are shifting into place in a comfortable manner and can easily shift above and below, than that means that you have tweaked it. If not, go back and continue working on it.

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