How to Ride a Bike

You have got up late today again and there is a chance that you would not be able to make it to the office on time. The thought of the eyes of your boss, glaring at you from the top of spectacles with a raised eyebrow is not letting you swallow the breakfast and you just want to fly to the office. As you get to the parking area to start your car, the wheel is deflated. Your neighbour upon guessing the situation asks you to ride on his bike to the office. If you do not know about riding a motorbike perhaps now you will never forget.


  • 1

    Before riding on the bike for the first time, make sure that you wear a helmet along with long pants and long sleeved shirt to prevent any wounds in case you fall over.

  • 2

    Put the bike into safety or neutral gear and be seated in a way that your feet are touching the ground before you kick the lever and start the bike.

  • 3

    As you start the bike, press the clutch under your left hand and put the bike in first gear by pressing your left foot.

  • 4

    Roll the accelerator towards you slowly with your right hand or palm and at the same rate release the clutch out of your left hand.

  • 5

    Once the bike is in motion, immediately push your left foot down without much force to out the bike into second gear.

  • 6

    While changing gear during ride, make sure that you are not accelerating and do not have your right hand on the race as this will make you slip or the front wheel of the bike rise up.

  • 7

    As you will move on, keep putting the bike in top gears swiftly and cautiously as mentioned in the above step but avoid accelerating to an extent where you are not able to control.

  • 8

    When you are to stop, remove the right hand from the accelerator first. Either use the brake in the right handle located under the race or the one beneath your right foot so that you have one brake working when required.

  • 9

    If you want to take a turn, first look into the back view mirror to ensure that the side you are turning is clear and there is no vehicle close to you.

  • 10

    While taking turn it is advised to switch on the indicator along with your hand to point the direction of your turn so that one can see it from a distance away.

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