How to Make a Bicycle First Aid Kit for Kids

Cycling rides are incomplete without small and even hard accidents. Elbow, knee and even head bruises are very common in kids. These may be gained innocently, during a race with other kids or in an attempt to cycle without holding the handle. These bruises are a part of growing up and no child can be spared or protected from them, unless you keep your child indoors all the time. The best approach is to make sure that when your child has a fall or a knock,  he must have a first aid kit at his hand to treat it and move on with a smile on his face. A first aid kit is going to prove very useful in such circumstances.

Things Required:

– Waterproof bag
– Bandages
– Waterproof tape
– Gauze
– Disinfectant towelettes
– Plastic bags
– Cotton balls and swabs


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    Decide a plastic bag container. Since cycle has space issues, you cannot carry a large box on it. It is best to do with plastic bags which will also protect the contents from rain and other weather elements. A satchel will also do the job well. A waterproof bag will help prevent any moisture from rain and accidents in the water.

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    The first item to place in the bag are bandages. Put a good number of butterfly bandages. These bandages provide instant support to open wounds and prevent infection. Put in a large pressure bandage and a small tape to hold it. You can also include a gauze of 6 feet length to cover most wounds. A small scissor to cut the gauze and the tape can also be placed. However, do not keep the scissor open but in a plastic case of its own to avoid any cuts. Cotton balls placed in the bag will be helpful in cleaning any bleeding as a result of any accident.

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    Antibiotic ointments will help prevent any infection from building up at the wound site. An antiseptic wet wipe can be used to wipe the dirt and other contaminants from the wound. Place pain relief medicines in the bag to relieve the pain after the fall or knock.  Zip the bag well and attach it to the cycle in a  secure way to make sure that it does not fall off.

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