How to Install a Bike Headset

A bicycle headset is that part of the whole machine which allows you to rotate the bike’s handle. It is placed between the bicycle fork and the head tube. The headset includes two cups, which are mostly on the top and bottom of the head tube. These cups include bearings which helps you lower the amount of friction between the bearing cup and the steering. This means that you can easily move your bike’s handle without any added friction. There are certain things which you require in order to install a bike headset yourself. In case you don’t have them, you should go to a bike shop to get them.
Things Required:
– Headset press
– Crown race slide punch


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    You must first make sure that the frame you are going to install a headset on is reamed and faced. If it isn’t, the new headset will not last for long. Moreover, you will have to go through a lot of trouble while installing and adjusting the headset. Therefore, always ream and face the frame before you install a headset. In case you don’t know whether the frame is perfect enough for you to install a headset on, simply go to a bike shop for help.

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    In case your frame is reamed and faced, it is time for you to start installing the headset. The crown race must be seated on the fork crown. You will need a crown race slide punch. Simply apply force on the crown race so it can move down and lie flat on the fork crown.

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    The frame should be clamped onto the repair stand.

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    Now, grab the head tube and the headset cups must be placed in such a way that they are at both the ends of the head tube. Don’t forget to apply grease to the ends of the head tube.

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    Pass the cup press through the head tube and then use the lower half of the press to attach it.

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    Hold the bottom of the cup press with a wrench and start turning the handle on the top in a clockwise direction. Make sure that all the cups are pressing evenly in the frame. Also, the cups must be tightened firmly in such a way that they don’t slip out of the frame.

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    Take out the cup press before greasing the bearing and install the fork.

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