How to Lock Up Your Bike Properly

Imagine the shock you are going to get if you find the space where you just parked your bike, empty. A safe locking mechanism is a must for anything you value and do not want to end up in a mischief monger’s hands. This includes your bike which is important not just for the price you paid for it but the convenience it brings in your life and the sentimental attachment you have with it. It is hard to wake up one morning and realize that your means of transport has vanished and you have to arrange a new one. So why go to such lengths and why not prevent it in the first place. Learn how to lock your bike properly so that all these horrible things are avoided. While it might seem as the most natural and easy thing to do, many people still lock their bikes improperly and end up losing them. They spend their later time wondering what went wrong.

Things Required:

– U-lock
– Cable lock or security cable


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    The first step is to buy two sets of U-lock. Two locks provide double security than a single one. If a thief is able to get across the first, the second one will deter him from proceeding and increase the chances of security. Seeing two looks on your bike might even change the intentions of someone planning to steal it, calculating the time and effort it is going to take. The more time it takes, the riskier business it is. Invest in high quality locks preferably steel which cannot be broken easily. A small investment can save a great cost.

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    Now attach the first lock to the frame of the bike. Attach the other lock to one of the wheels. The other ends of the locks will be attached to the support you are locking your bike too. This could be a pole or a railing. However, do not choose objects which can be cut through or picked themselves. Place the lock in a position that it faces and is close to the ground so that the space for a thief to cut through is very limited making the task difficult.

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    Use a cable lock to secure the bike wheel which you left unlocked with the U-lock. This step ensures that all three parts of your bike; frame, rear wheel and front wheel are locked and secure.

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