How to Drag Race Motorcycles

When talking about drag racing, the first thing that comes to mind is cars with customised body parts and modified engines racing across the path at blazing speed. However, the particular type of racing event is not just limited to four-wheel vehicles. Drag racing events specifically for motorcycles are quite common as well. In fact, such drag racing typically have hefty prize money on offer. Fearless riders from across the country remain on a lookout for such races to enjoy the thrill and at the same time, earn what they consider to be easy money.

Things Required:

– Motorcycle
– Proper gear, including helmet
– Money


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    The first thing that you need to do is to get yourself a motorcycle. You obviously cannot race unless you have something to ride on. Do not go for an old motorcycle just to save money. If you really want to give others a challenge, save up enough money to get yourself a powerful pair of wheels.

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    You will need to look for a drag strip to race on. Since car drag racing is much more popular, most of the drag strips will already be reserved for them. However, there is normally a day or two reserved for motorcycles as well. Just talk to the person who is in-charge of organising events and ask them for information like the entry fee, prize and the type of motorcycles that typically participate in the events. Ask the person to give their opinion about your bike and whether it has a chance of winning.

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    When on the track, make sure you follow all the rules that are in place for motorcycle drag racing. Wear the proper gear, which includes proper clothing, shoes and most importantly a helmet. Just because you believe yourself to be fearless does not mean you start being stupid and ignoring necessary safety precautions. Keep in mind that different drag race events may have different rules.

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    Make sure your motorcycle is running properly. Proper maintenance of motorcycle is crucial to performing well and getting the desired result in a drag race. Ensure that your ride is clean as well.

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    Get ready for the action by lining up your motorcycle on the track, a process that is called staging. The race will start through an electronic signal comprising of a set of lights, known as the tree. Once the tyres of your ride roll into position, the first yellow light will brighten. Stop once the second yellow light brightens. Be patient as your opponent lines up by the lights.

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    When both you and your opponent are lined up and the staging lights are on, it will be only a matter of seconds before the other lights on the tree start lighting up.

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    The race will start the moment the green light turns on. Try to react faster than your opponent once the signal to start the action is given.

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    Shift gears perfectly and continue to increase the speed of your motorcycle to race across the track and get to the finish line. Your opponent will be trying to do exactly the same, leaving you absolutely no room for error.

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