How to Wash Your Bicycle

Cleaning bicycles appears to be a simple task, but there are several tricks involved. The main idea is to get rid of the dust present everywhere. Proper washing not only makes the bicycle look better, but also increases its efficiency.

A bicycle attracts plenty of dirt, especially in the rainy seasons. Slowly but surely, the dirt starts affecting the main chain. And as a result, the rider finds it really difficult to travel faster.

Therefore, one must always wash his/her bicycle at least once a week. Saturday is probably the best time to do this job.


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    First of all, you need to find an open place with a proper drainage system. If you have attached any electric horns or lights, don’t ever forget to cover them, because water could damage them. Take a large shopping bag, and wrap such items.

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    The second important step is keeping the bike still and in an upright position. The usual stands don’t help you in this regard. As a result, the bicycle may tumble every now and then. If the double-foot stand isn’t available, stand it against a tree or wall.

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    When you start washing, remove all the major mud clumps from your bike. If the spots are too large, use only a soft piece of cloth to rub the area. You should gently chip all the clumps off your bike. Any hard rubbing could leave scratches on the bike.

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    With the help of a pipe, shower the water on your bike, so that all the dry dirt goes away. Don’t ignore the area near the stand.

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    It is not a good idea to wash the greased chain with water. Hence, you should first remove all the oil by using a product like carburetor cleaner or WD40. Once the grease is removed from all the links of the chain, your job will become easier.

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    It is now time to apply soap. Use a large sponge and apply the soap on all parts of your bike. You may use a soft brush to clean the degreased chain. You can skip washing the chain, if you find any difficulty. On the other hand, the soap should properly be applied on the entire frame and wheels.

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