How to Photograph Fireflies at Night

Capturing photos of wild life and nature can be very difficult and tough. Furthermore, capturing a shot of fireflies especially in dark can be more demanding. This is because fireflies move quickly and are very small in size. They are most commonly found during spring and summer seasons in lawns, gardens, dark field or forests. The fireflies illuminate the field and when they flash, it looks amazing. You can have some spectacular photos by taking pictures of them in night.

Things Required:

– Camera
– Aperture lens
– Tripod
– Honey
– Flashlight


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    First you need to find where the fireflies are located. They are usually found in fields or on the edge of wooded areas. Seek the fireflies in tall grasses or hanging trees. Fireflies can also be found in your backyards near flower or vegetable gardens.

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    Close range

    You should take pictures at a close range as it is very difficult to capture details in dark. If you see pictures of fireflies over a pond then those are altered digitally.

  • 3

    Aperture lens

    Use cameras with larger aperture lens. This will control the amount of light exposure.

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    Digitally enhance fireflies

    After you capture a photo, you need to digitally enhance the fireflies with software such as Photoshop. You need to show the fireflies as they are glowing.

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    Seek a male firefly which is about to die

    Find a male firefly which is about to die. You can easily take photos of a dying firefly as they will move slowly. In addition to this, the dying firefly will glow more.

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    Catch fireflies and take photos

    You can take photos of the fireflies after catching them. You should dim or turn off the lights of your house. Both inside and outdoor lights should be turned off. Then use flashlight and copy fireflies’ pattern by shining up and down. Use a net to catch the firefly and then place it in a jar. Catch more fireflies if you want to take snaps of many. Free the fireflies after you have done your work.

  • 7

    Use diluted honey

    Instead of taking photos of a captured firefly, you can put them in a jar containing diluted honey. When firefly consumes this honey, his life and glow prolongs. In addition to this, the firefly moves slowly and you can capture its photos easily.

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