How to Buy the Right Camera Bag for You

Camera bag is an essential object for every photography enthusiast. It protects the camera and its accessories from cuts, dust, scratches, and other possible damages. Finding and selecting right bag is not as difficult as finding right camera, but the wide range of camera bags easily available in the market can confuse you.

Accurate idea of camera brands will be useful in finding your way to fitting bag for them. You have to keep many factors in mind while selecting a camera bag that is right for you, including camera model, size, shape and accessories etc.


  • 1

    Make measurements

    Make a list of all the photographic accessories of your camera and write down their dimensions in front of them.  Now, take measurement of your camera from all angles.

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    Make a Second List

    Now make a list of the possible places you will carry your camera to and the activities you are planning to perform with it.

    For example, if you take your camera to hiking trips, mountaineering or other thrilling activities, then the camera cover for it should be a thick and sturdy one. For simple activities like family events, weddings and spots etc, you can buy a light and stylish camera cover.  This simple activity will help you select any unique options for your camera bag.

  • 3

    Decide the Type of Camera Bag

    At this point, you will have a clear idea how much camera accessories you are placing in your camera bag and where you are going with it. Now is the time to decide what type of bag meets your requirement.

    There are four basic styles of camera bags that you can consider - around-the-waist camera bag, over-the-shoulder camera bag, belt pack camera bag and backpacks. Waist bag is good option for a small point and shoot camera. If you have a digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR), you may not need anything more than a large, sturdy waterproof backpack, shoulder bag or belt pack.

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    Select you Camera Bag

    You have all the required information available; start searching for camera bag that meets your requirement. You can visit various photography stores or search online. While finalizing a bag, remember that extra space is better than not having suitable space to place your camera accessories.

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